We create Browsergames
Being in the market since 2004 we have seen how browsergames evolved. Developing browsergames means to always find new cutting-edge features and gameplay mechanism to provide the maximum fun.
Cunningsoft cares about the ideas and thoughts of our users. The feedback of the community constantly influences the way new features are developed. We think that a great community makes a great game.
When it comes to complex games, there may always be questions. We help out with ingame support by our staff as well as providing a knowledge base for quick help.
Our games are ment to be played whereever our users are. We care that the game experience is the same, no matter whether played in the office, on the sofa or in the subway.
Creating an addictive game is the core intention in our developments. To see how our users enjoy playing them is what gives us the motivation to build even better games.
Browsergames are international per se. People from all around the world play together and make our games a multicultural experience.